Disentagler with pure mink oil(125 ml)

Disentagler with pure mink oil

Pure mink oil is used before washing to take out any knots in the fur of dogs and cats and acts as a detangler, softener and anti-static. It can also be used after applying shampoo in both cases, and as a result will provide a silkiness and ease in combing. As with all oils (almond, jojoba, etc.) it has a high penetrating power, and due to its richness in essential fatty acids it strengthens the keratin fibres of the hair, restoring its vitality. If you apply it after the shampoo, spread it uniformly with the help of a comb and leave it to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. It is hypoallergenic and perfectly tolerable, including on dyed hair so that you can, if you want, use it without any problems.

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125 ml