Foam shampoo with aloe vera for dogs and cats(200 ml)

Foam shampoo with aloe vera for dogs and cats

A perfumed foam with ALOE VERA specially designed for dogs and cats that cannot or should not bathe with water and shampoo, which could be: puppies after vaccination, sick animals and cats. It has an easy and incredibly simple application, it is also ideal when a partial cleaning is needed. The ALOE VERA provides shine, strength and protecting by penetrating to the skin layers and expelling bacteria and grease deposits that block pores. It is also an important regenerator of cells, scar remover, and skin toner. Quick and easy to apply.The ingredients in its formula take on the job of absorbing the excess grease, dirt and bad odours leaving the hair feeling soft, clean and perfumed immediately. Balanced Ph.

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200 ml